Electric Power Reliability Summit

Extending Reliability Through Leadership

What can you expect when you attend EPRS?

The Electric Power Reliability Summit is a forum for practitioners created by practitioners. As such, the focus is on practical solutions and direction on how to apply them. The takeaways are threefold.

First, you’ll identify industry best practices. Once you see those best practices, you’ll be able to do the second thing: evaluate yourself against them. That is your gap analysis. Third, there will be people ahead of you, people exactly where you are, and people struggling to close the gap. You’ll discover practical ways in which other leading practitioners are closing that gap, and how they are getting their organizations on board with the culture change.

You’ll find out how to plan a solution that could potentially take years, a process that involves budgeting and getting corporate, procurement, and management on the same page.

Most importantly? You’ll walk away with a game plan.

Check out our sessions page for more information on exactly what to expect from EPRS.

Alan Ross is the host of this year’s EPRS. Join him and other industrial reliability practitioners from all over the country In Houston on May 16 and 17.

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