Electric Power Reliability Summit

Extending Reliability Through Leadership

Engineering Manager, North America, OMICRON

Eugenio Carvalheira is the Engineering Manager with OMICRON Electronics. Much of Carvalheira’s work focuses on implementing protection, automation and control systems for power plants and electrical substations.
Director of Applications Engineering, IMCORP
Lanz currently holds the position of Director of Applications Engineering at IMCORP and has technical oversight of power cable life cycle consulting. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society, a voting member of the IEEE Standards Society, and a member of the IEEE Dielectrics and Industrial Applications Societies. Lanz is a consultant for utility and industrial clients, authoring technical papers, presentations, and articles on the subject of cable testing, design. and reliability.
Reliability Manager, WestRock
Tony Dotson is the Reliability Manager at WestRock, a Georgia-based paper company. Dotson has been a leader in the reliability field for two decades, and is an advocate for reliability-based systems and manufacturing best practices. 
General Manager, DILO Direct

Billy Lao is General Manager of DILO, a world leader in Sulfur Hexafluoride handling equipment.
Home Office Director, Equipment Breakdown Risk Control, CNA Insurance
In his current role as Home Office Director, Bob provides support and guidance to risk control, underwriting, and claims. With nearly 40 years experience on the engineering-risk control side of the commercial insurance industry, Bob works with staff and clients on raising awareness to and addressing the reliability challenges facing generators, distributors, and end users alike.
Chairman, SMRP

Dr Penrose is the Chair of SMRP, the President of MotorDoc LLC, and has been involved in the electrical reliability industry since 1984 (US Navy), then as part of US Department of Energy programs starting in 1992.  In 1994, he served as the Region 4 Energy Representative for IEEE USAB including hill work related to the issues associated with de-regulation.  In 1997, he joined the University of Illinois’ Energy Resources Center as the Senior Research Engineer associated with industrial and utility programs and as an adjunct professor of industrial engineering in UICs mechanical engineering department.  To read more about Dr. Penrose... 
Chief Asset Manager, Reliability Web

Terrence O'Hanlon is the Chief Executive Office of Reliabilityweb.com and Publisher of Uptime® Magazine. O’Hanlon is an asset management leader specializing in reliability and operational excellence, and a recognized name in the industry. He works to bring awareness about the business advantages of asset management to reliability leadership nationwide. 

Reliability Manager, Gerdau Steel

Juan Rodriguez is a Corporate Reliability Manager at Gerdau . He is a mechanical engineer and a certified reliability leader with over 30 years of experience in  reliability , engineering, project management and maintenance. Juan is currently responsible for implementation and management of standardized practices for outages, critical inspections and transformer reliability across the USA and Canada.
Vice President of Reliability, SDMyers
Alan Ross develops and executes long-term transformer reliability strategies for domestic and international clients. Alan regularly contributes to trade publications and magazines about transformer reliability. He is a Certified Reliability Leader, SMRP designee to the DOE’s Strategic Transformer Reserve task force, and a member of the IEEE Reliability Society. 
Vice President of Electric Service Delivery, Austin Energy

Dan Smith is responsible for Austin Energy's Transmission and Distribution business unit, where he focuses on reliability and safety. Smith is passionate about company transformation that starts with and is rooted in safety, and has been instrumental in leading and supporting several safety initiatives currently underway at the utility. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University and is a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas.
General Manager of Training and Education, SDMyers
Over the past 35 years, Baker has been in the transformer field maintenance business. This depth of experience has provided him the opportunity to see and solve transformer reliability problems for more than 10,000 projects. Today he leads training for customers to implement reliability based programs for their transformers.


 Convince Your Boss 

The Electric Power Reliability Summit not a typical conference. The speakers are primarily practitioners. Niche experts. Leaders who are already closing the reliability gap. Among the speakers at this year’s summit you will find experts on data management, culture change, condition monitoring, risk, and reliability.

“This is not talking heads coming to tell you about things. They’re coming to bring their experiences.”

Alan Ross | SDMyers

Data management. Culture Change. Intelligent approaches to monitoring and reliability.

Focus on collaboration.  Listen to lectures and case studies. Participate in roundtables and breakout workshops. Work alongside other industry leaders and experts to discuss what the ideal reliability plan could look like.

Ask questions. Offer insights. Apply the approaches you learn and put them into practice.
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