Participate in roundtable discussions and connect with industry experts to conceptualize the ideal power management plan.

7:00 pm Welcome Reception ~ Sunset Terrace

Join us on the Sunset Terrace.  Check-in for the event and enjoy a dessert.  

8:00 am EPRS Kickoff Breakfast ~ The Glass
Dale Bissonette, President, SDMyers
Opening Remarks

 8:30 am Keynote:  Barriers to Change within Organizations ~ The Glass
Terry O’Hanlon, ReliabilityWeb
Terry will address the challenges that leaders face as they work towards creating a culture of reliability in their organizations. Terry will discuss barriers to change, how those barriers are overcome, and the implementation and acceptance of change in organizations. Discussion will include a brief history of ReliabilityWeb, exploring how Reliability web has impacted the operations and maintenance world and is leading the way into the future of reliability, and how Uptime Elements is changing the way organizations view reliability.
9:30 am Breakers & Reliability ~ Grand Ballroom III
Billy Lao, General Manager, Dilo
High-voltage circuit breakers have evolved from when they were first introduced in the 1950’s, and since the 1970’s sulfur hexafluoride gas circuit breakers have dominated the market. This equipment requires highly specialized maintenance, testing, and monitoring, and in recent years changes in emissions regulations have significantly impacted SF6 gas breaker users. Billy Lao of DILO, a world leader in SF6 handling equipment, covers the evolution of the SF6 gas circuit breaker and explains how regulation has affected the industry and, subsequently, regular maintenance practices—especially the difference between using virgin SF6 and reconditioned SF6 in high-voltage circuit breakers.
10:15 am Break 
10:30 am Transformer Reliability ~ Grand Ballroom III
Chuck Baker, General Manager of Training and Education, 
11:15 am Breakout Session #1:
Current State
12:00 pm Lunch~ The Woodlands Dining Room
2:00 pm Break
2:15 pm  Criticality & Condition Monitoring ~ Grand Ballroom III
Juan Rodriguez, Reliability Manager, Gerdau Steel
Electric power system reliability requires expertise and vision, but it also requires integration of intelligent monitoring and testing technologies. In this session, reliability expert Juan Rodriguez explains the challenges involved in introducing novel technologies to an organization by using the change experience at Gerdau Steel as an example. Juan will detail how real-time dissolved gas monitoring—a more agile and accurate method for measuring transformer health—was beneficial to this multinational steel manufacturer, and will discuss contingency planning in terms of safety, scheduling, and cost.
3:15 pm Breakout Session #2
Best Practices
 4:15 pm End of day wrap up ~Grand Ballroom III
Alan Ross, VP Reliability, SDMyers
4:45 pm Break
6:00 pm Dinner ~ Emerald Ballroom
Dan Smith, VP of Electric Service Delivery, 
Austin Energy
8:00 am Breakfast ~ The Glass 

8:40 am Keynote: Electrical Reliability in the Utility Industry ~ Grand Ballroom III
Howard Penrose, Chairman, SMRP

This presentation we will discuss the role of electrical reliability in the utility industry from prior to deregulation to changes that have progressed since deregulation.  This includes the future of IoT, smart grid and Cybersecurity and their impacts on the electrical systems in power plants of all types.    Read full description…
9:45 am  Breakout Session
10:30 am Break 
10:45 am Risk & Reliability ~Grand Ballroom III
Bob Norum,  Risk Control Consulting Director, C.N.A Insurance
A culture of reliability means that your equipment is reliable, and reliable equipment is inherently safer than unreliable equipment. Nobody is more aware of this distinction than insurance companies, who evaluate individual pieces of equipment—and entire operations—based on their likelihood to fail and cause damage or injury.  Bob Norum, Risk Control Consulting Director for CNA insurance, has seen it all, from the very worst to the very best of this mindset. In this session, Bob explains that insurers want to see electrical equipment properly installed and maintained as part of a reliability program, and he outlines the processes that insurers use to assess the financial risk involved with outages. In addition, Bob will also detail how a consultative approach to risk control helps his clients see the potential problems in their electric power systems.
12:00 pm Lunch ~ The Woodlands Dining Room
1:00 pm Relays & Electrical Testing ~ Grand Ballroom III
Eugenio Carvalheira, Engineering Manager, 
1:45 pm  Managing the Life-Cycle of Cable Assets  ~Grand Ballroom III
Ben Lanz, Director of Applications Engineering,  IMCORP
Cables are one of the largest power system assets commonly overlooked, often misunderstood, and by default, typically addressed reactively after failure. Most cable systems consist of solid dielectric insulation and a significant percentage are reaching their assumed 30 to 40 year end of life. Asset managers are facing significant challenges balancing reliable power delivery with budget priorities. Ben Lanz with IMCORP, a leader in power cable reliability consulting, will provide a brief overview of new scientific findings on failure mechanisms that debunk longstanding myths and the resulting emerging trends in quality control, condition assessment, and maintenance.  Case studies will show how a wholistic, condition intelligence-based strategy can easily double the expected life of most assets and maximize reliability with optimal life cycle cost.
2:45 pm Speaker Panel Group
Moderator: Alan Ross

 4:15 pm Closing Remarks ~Grand Ballroom III
Alan Ross, VP Reliability, SDMyers
4:30 pm End of Sessions

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