Electric Power Reliability Summit

Extending Reliability Through Leadership

Dr. Howard Penrose

Dr Penrose is the Chair of SMRP, the President of MotorDoc LLC, and has been involved in the electrical reliability industry since 1984 (US Navy), then as part of US Department of Energy programs starting in 1992. In 1994 he served as the Region 4 Energy Representative for IEEE USAB including hill work related to the issues associated with de-regulation. In 1997, he joined the University of Illinois’ Energy Resources Center as the Senior Research Engineer associated with industrial and utility programs and as an adjunct professor of industrial engineering in UICs mechanical engineering department. His area of interest has been electrical system and materials reliability and continued through his time as the general manager of a major test instrument manufacturer then on to independent consulting in machine forensics, energy, design, and repair. Dr Penrose has been involved in the IEEE PES Materials standards committees since 1993, AWEA, and other organizations associated with electrical system reliability. Over his career he has been involved in hybrid vehicle and hybrid construction machinery design, as well as SAE work on electric machine hybrid aerospace systems for low pressure and vacuum environments. He is also involved in the development of cybersecurity legislation involving the utility and SmartGrid and has represented industry to all levels of government including participation on committees and panels.



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