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Electric Power Reliability Podcast: Alan Ross/Chip Angus & Kevin Greggs


In this episode of the Electric Power Reliability Podcast, Alan Ross and Chip Angus speak with Kevin Greggs, E/I Reliability Engineer at WestRock. The discussion centers around data, transformer reliability, the problem-solving nature of engineers… and the not-so-appealing sound of frying bacon.

“In reliability we’re moving into a data world. The problem with that is too much data is like too many words–it doesn’t tell a story. It becomes a dictionary. It’s got to tell a story.” – Alan Ross
“A lot of times people take transformers for granted… they don’t get the attention they deserve. That’s the gap I’ve tried to close over the years.” – Kevin Greggs
“Engineers are problem solvers… its in our DNA to solve problems.” – Alan Ross
“[Corona] leaves a white, powdery substance… sounds like frying bacon. It crackles.” – Kevin Greggs

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