Electric Power Reliability Summit

Extending Reliability Through Leadership

Build a community of experts with us at EPRS

We want to create something unique. We want to create a sense of community.

After this year’s Electric Power Reliability Summit, we expect all the people that come will want to come to the next one. We want you to connect with other people so that if you have an issue over the course of the next year, it’s not just SDMyers you can talk to; you’ll be able to talk to anyone from anywhere about that issue.

We’re not trying to make this a large conference. We’re trying to keep this as a practical symposium and the connections you make here will be one of the most important advancements we bring to the electric power reliability equation.

Check out our sessions page for more information on exactly what to expect from EPRS.

Alan Ross is the host of this year’s EPRS. Join him and other industrial reliability practitioners from all over the country In Houston on May 16 and 17.

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