EPRS is for seasoned professionals and early career

If you’re at the beginning of your reliability career, the Electric Power Reliability Summit is a great place to start. A lot of people are at the beginning of the journey. This is not a journey that a lot of people have done. Even people with significant reliability experience are just coming around to the… Read More

What can you expect when you attend EPRS?

The Electric Power Reliability Summit is a forum for practitioners created by practitioners. As such, the focus is on practical solutions and direction on how to apply them. The takeaways are threefold. First, you’ll identify industry best practices. Once you see those best practices, you’ll be able to do the second thing: evaluate yourself against… Read More

What Makes EPRS Different to Other Conferences?

What’s the distinction between EPRS and other conferences? Simple. There is no other conference that looks at the reliability of high voltage electrical systems in the industrial world. There are all kinds of conferences for the utility industry, most of which we already attend. Most industrial conferences are limited to maintenance and reliability of machines… Read More