Electric Power Reliability Summit

Extending Reliability Through Leadership

Introducing the Electric Power Reliability Summit

You are invited to the Electric Power Reliability Summit (EPRS) on May 16 and 17 in Houston, Texas.

EPRS ‘18 is a symposium for industrial reliability practitioners, a meeting of leading experts that is, frankly, long overdue. Reliability and maintenance of electric high-voltage equipment has been left behind. Most reliability and maintenance efforts have been focused on the production side of organizations. Recently, the idea that we now have to consider the reliability of our electric equipment has become front and center for many companies.

The risk is greater than ever. Electric power systems have been left behind. We want to use this summit to close that gap.

We’ve assembled a symposium for practitioners and hosted by practitioners that is quite different to what you may be used to. This isn’t just talking heads coming to tell you things; these are experts coming to tell you about their own experiences. They have grappled with these issues, and they’re dealing with them right now.

You’ll be part of this summit. We’ll do breakouts and workshops, so that when you leave you’ll leave with practical information that you can apply to your everyday job.

We hope to see you there.

Alan Ross is the host of this year’s EPRS. Join him and other industrial reliability practitioners from all over the country In Houston on May 16 and 17.

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